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How To Download Windows Vista Service Pack 2

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Appmia is simply a must for any top executive. A big majority of the patches are not even needed if you use a firewall, something that everyone should do. I use a hardware firewall AND a software firewall. Then there's a huge amount of them that are not even needed if you have a certain Service disabled. That's something else everyone should do; disable all Services that you don't need. If I find out that I do indeed really need a patch, then and only then do I install it.

And I don't install anything else around that time so if my PC does a meltdown I'll know what caused it and I can remove it or do a restore. MS's constant "handholding" and "hijacking" of PC's is something I will not tolerate.

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My PC is my PC, I own it, and I will not have someone or something dictate what is best for me when they know absolutely nothing about what they are doing, nor what I have installed or not installed, what I have enabled or disabled, my type of computing--all of which is what really dictates what you need. Regarding restore, XP's restore is very limited. I think it's once per day, but you can at any time do a manual backup. I do this before I install anything, you can name the backup anything you want so it won't overwrite the previous one for that day.

That way if the install screws up something, you can do this full restore. It can sit in your Start Up folder and that's how it automatically creates a full backup on its own. It does this in a couple of seconds and shuts down. Nothing is running in the background and you don't even know it's happened.

Investigate, research, use your heads, and you decide whether or not a patch or update is necessary for you. I haven't tried that macro yet with SP3, I'm sure it will work, but there's the problem with SP3 trying to keep putting Auto Updates on automatic. The Services have to be on "manual" for the macro to work. If those Services are on manual on SP3, it will keep setting them to automatic. I'll have to check into this further.

Then you'll be able to try again without having to remember everything you typed! You can't do it via right click like everywhere else, you have to do it from the "Edit" menu in IE's toolbar. Another thing that's screwed up is the email notifications. There are no more "Click here to view the post alert details", and even the text in the post is gone from the emails!

All I'm seeing in them is the unsubscribe link, and "If this reply answers your question, please visit the link above and Already emailed Shashank about it. Then installed the Radeon card before that I was using on-board SiS graphics. Because the card is quite old, XP was able to automatically install its own drivers, i. After a reboot the PC froze while showing the XP boot logo.

No automatic restarts though, most likely because I disabled automatic reboot. But no BSOD either. Just a complete lock-up at every reboot. Remember that I said earlier that I can't duplicate or reproduce the problem anymore! My combo floppy drive media card reader was connected. But nothing was in it either. That reminds me of something strange that happened.

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I was getting BSOD's during the install and when the Desktop finally would go to load for the first time after installation. I don't know if that means anything or not, but it may be worth noting at least. I have made some more tests. My PC also boots-up with the printer powered on.

Please read thread some good news for thoses with the 0xA5 error Stop error: I tried disabling the Silicon Image controller by going into my BIOS and setting "Silicon Image Mode" to disabled, rebooted without my flash drive installed and it just went back to the booting loop. I was interested to read of your problems with the forum, as I am not experiencing any such. Are you by any chance running any cookie-blocking software? That might cause such problems.

Chris confirmed there are indeed problems here. It's an unrelated issue that forum folks are investigating. Interesting, thanks for that input. Yesterday I posted that the issue with me went away and I could no longer reproduce it. Today when I started my PC, it was back! No, I emailed Shashank again and still no reply. I would guess they have absolutely no idea what's going on nor any way of fixing it, so they're going to ignore it. I find it very hard to believe that in "all of their testing" they never came across this problem.

Yesterday I mentioned something about those of you using USB mice. Emily, hopefully you're looking at this thread now, please let us know what software you "cleaned up" that seemed to help at first. Is your mouse USB? Most mice are USB these days, but not all of them. Jesper I think it was maybe you that asked a couple of times about my 0x0A error and if I was sure about it. My post above from about 2. I checked again then and it indeed was the 0x0A stop code. I just had to go to the store and I shut off my PC.

When I got back and started it, I got the boot problem once again, and it was still 0x0A. Looks like it may happen to me more so turning on the PC after it's been OFF, more than just a restart. Eric I didn't notice that was your posts! So it's edited now to reflect that].

Some USB drives do, some don't. Eric do you know if your 2gb and mb flash drives support being a bootable device? What brand are they? Eric this is worth putting on this thread: I have two because I was using a wireless network adapter. I disabled both in the bios. So are you saying that in your case it didn't have anything to after all with the USB mouse? If so, that's not good news because we're back to square one since not everyone is going to have both of those controllers. No commonality there, at least not as far as brand or dual LAN's go.

Is the common factor behind the problems on this thread that you all have nForce chipsets on your motherboard? Have you tried updating the nForce chipset drivers direct from www. I believe he did, you probably haven't see it yet Still awaiting input on that regarding the mobo's. I just shut down for about 20 minutes, started up the PC, no problem. There's nothing worse than an unreproducible intermittent problem. Hopefully the rest of you can reproduce it each time with the same results. It's those of you that are apparently going to have to do the testing since MS has obviously abandoned us Since the time of this original post, MS has been working on this.

Has that method worked for everyone? Even if I could still reproduce the problem I couldn't do this because my main HD is on a 3rd-Party Promise controller. Mine had a few files on it. We know another fix for some is a USB media card reader, the kind built-in to a printer. Does this work for any of you using a stand-alone USB card reader? This did not work for me. See Update 3 below. We now know it's not just with ATI video cards or integrated graphics, happens also with nVidia. Apparently this problem may not be due to hardware, or at least not limited to hardware alone and can be caused by software.

We know that "Shamx" reported that Daemon Tools was apparently the cause of his rebooting issue. Some have reported that the only way they could boot was to remove all USB devices! We know that replacing the usbport. At first this was a consistent fix for me, not anymore. We know a fix that has worked for some is replacing the sbp2port.

Did not work for me. For me, a "consistent" fix has been removing the file mentioned above, but see details below. This fix is still working and I found a way to permanently delete the file. Anything to add to that anyone? Those of you that have success with the external USB HD method or anyone , please try it with any external FireWire storage devices you may have. External FireWire HD enclosure worked for me. But it worked for me only once! I guess that's it for now. I may come back to this post with edits and updates, so please watch it.

PC would not boot. Apparently, possibly, a PC or least my PC has to be turned off for X hours in order to reproduce the problem. This was NOT the case several days ago when I could reproduce the problem just be restarting. When I turned it off yesterday briefly, no problems when powering it on again. But today when I had it, it would seem that nothing would make it boot!

So much for that theory working for everyone! That was the first time I had tried the CF card method, but obviously that method too will not consistently work to fix the problem. I just shut my PC down for only about 15 minutes, and today that short duration DID result in the boot problems! So, changing those mouse settings did not work this time , the inconsistency continues! I checked, again, what the first boot device was, and for some reason it was changed again to the floppy drive!

Why it keeps changing back to floppy is a total mystery, that has never happened before! I'll be watching this area closely the next few days. But it's too early to tell if that's what made it boot because changing those mouse settings seemed to work earlier, but obviously they did not. Previously some have reported that changing their 1st boot device to their HD worked for them. As I reported yesterday about the first boot device being changed in my BIOS, well that also happened again.

Each time I disabled the other two boot devices, 2 and 3 with the HD 1st, and each time it was changed back to 1. So obviously if the PC won't boot, it's changing this area to floppy 1st, apparently due to a boot failure. So apparently we can add that to the list of possible temporary in my case methods that work.

I won't know if this is a definite temp fix method until I can duplicate it several times. Update 4 , The external FireWire enclosure method is obviously not a temp fix for me. That method only worked one time and has not worked since! It boots normally without the power cord, and I'm able to boot into safe mode with the power cord plugged in, and then restart from safe mode and it starts normally. I'm talking about the power cord for the laptop that you plug into the wall.

At first t his was the only consistent fix for me, but ended up NOT working. See the 4th post on page 25 of this same thread for more info, and be sure to see the follow-ups after it for details on what else was tried. Some have had success after replacing the sbp2port. I also tried disabling my LAN connection, as well disabling my integrated FW controller, this did not work for me. But I have tried and tried everything, but I cannot keep the file deleted from my HD! Regardless of what I do, it keeps coming back. At the time of this update I have not found a way to keep it off my HD http: Note that not having this file on your PC may make your FireWire devices not work.

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This fix is still working, see the URL above for how I was able to remove the file. My pc been stable now since last night not had one BSOD loop error. I restarted my pc and turn off and turn on loads of times and no sign of my 0x0A5 stop error. I just doubled checked again disabled both network controllers in bios and get same error as above. Suggestion before installing service pack 3!

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Was this post helpful? Each round of release candidates people that didnt try the download candidates or Rtm there was a post minium of 3 to 6 of people that forget how programs they added are designed to work. Including Sp2 user account control, not installing from a FULL adminstrator account or safe mode, always causes problems. This includes software that leaves baited versions of Registery to install programs to.

Or you have a mixture of errors that are difficult to diagnose. Sp3 doesnt not include drivers for sata. We are here to help with Sp3 experiences, post experiences.